How to make mold of Zinc alloy metal product?

How to make mold of Zinc alloy metal product?

Many customers might not know about mold, to make molds have lots of work to do, here are the steps:

1) Make technical drawing of products


2) The mold is made of die-steel, die-steel in an important die material in industry application. The material will do heat treatment process, in this way it will super harden-ability and not easy to break. Make the mold according technical drawing, if the product is simple then engrave the pattern on the die-steel directly, otherwise engrave the pattern on copperplate.


3) After engraving, put the copperplate in the liquid on both electrodes, discharge, then the pattern on copperplate will discharge on the die-steel by electric discharge machine


4) Make inlet opening and screw holes on mold.


5) Polish and smooth finish, control the dimension and surface quality


6) Assemble the mold into mold frame


7) Die-casting testing

Some details:

  1. To make the mold will take about 6 days, the complicated products will take more times.
  1. Discharge: simple products will take 1-4 hours, complicated products will takes 40-50 hours or more.
  1. The mold including plain mold, core-pulling mold, etc.
  1. Modifies mold: normally, it’s available to modify it in smaller size use welding process, but can’t modify it in big size.
  1. Need to adjust the depth of parallelism and perpendicularity before doing process of the m0ld

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